How to make your trophy awards collectable

Collectable Trophy Awards at the EN Indy Awards 2018

Who doesn’t love collecting? But how do you make your annual trophy awards become the must-have award to win each year, whilst inspiring competition and excitement for your event.

Creating a prestigious Collectors Series Award could be the answer. This is a great way to celebrate your trophy awards being an annual event, plus it also gets around the tricky challenge that some of your winners may have already won your award.

Turning your trophies into collectors awards makes then more coveted, increases the competition to win and adds to the anticipation of your event – a winner wants to obtain this trophy every year to gain the series!

Things to consider when designing and choosing your Collectors trophy awards


Your trophy awards are a reflection of your brand identity and to ensure your collectors awards deliver the right image, the quality and look has to be right. The ultimate objective is for your awards to become coveted and synonymous with your event or awards dinner.

Here at Laser Crystal, we provide the highest quality crystal awards that stand the test of time and always look stylish and modern.

Design the Ideal Glass Award 

It’s absolutely vital to get the design of your awards perfect from the offset as this will capture the spirit of your event.

Our creative design team love bringing ideas to life in 3D detail and we’ll work with you to produce design ideas to show how your awards could look. As the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D engraved awards and trophies we offer a full in-house design and production service to ensure a fast and efficient delivery of your awards.

Personalise Your Glass Awards 

It’s always a great idea to add winner names to your awards and of course the year – it adds to the prestige and makes your trophy awards extra special to the winner or company receiving it.
Who doesn’t love to see their name engraved for everyone to see it? It also looks great in the trophy cabinet.


There is an argument that series trophy awards can lack innovation if you are giving the same award each year. I don’t agree with this, if you get the creative design right, the prestige and inspiration for the awards grows each year.

If you prefer you can choose to make your awards slightly different each year but based on the same award shape, theme or colour. So as your brand or annual campaign evolves, we can ensure your message and look follows through into your awards. Some clients prefer to refresh the look each year as they believe it increases the aspirational value of the awards.

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Who uses Collectors Series Awards?

These are widely used by a number of our clients and have always been very successful for developing their brand.

We work with global publisher Mash Media who have successfully made their annual events awards into coveted collectors series awards. Each year there is fierce competition to win their awards. They cleverly combine an industry trade fair with an evening awards dinner –  positioning themselves as the authority in their field ensuring the industry leaders attend their events. Their award design remains the same each year with just a date change and winner names adding each year for the collectors effect!

Series trophy awards can really work for your business and with each year the prestige grows.

Here are a few of our most popular shapes used in this way:

Crystal Trophy Awards 
Crystal Disc Award – popular for industry or Business Awards
Roma Award

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today on 01202 675000 and let’s inspire your Collectors Series Awards

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