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3D Laser Engraving for Bombay Sapphire

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the fabulous Bombay Sapphire recipe the Bacardi group wanted to create a unique collectors limited edition decanter. A bespoke hand blown crystal decanter was designed by Garrad’s of London with the centre piece being a spectacular jewel encrusted bottle stopper.

At Laser Crystal we were delighted to be involved in this project designing and creating the incredibly intricate botanicals in 3D together with the Bombay Sapphire logo. Each decanter was then 3D laser engraved in intricate detail to show the fine detailing of each ingredient making up the recipe.

Of the 350 piece limited edition made, there were only a small number of these exclusive decanters sold, with Selfridges of London having just one for sale priced at an eye watering £1,250.

To find out more about this project and see our 3D laser engraving in action, contact our team. 

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The Jet Engine – 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Awards

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The Gherkin – 3D Laser Engraved Crystal Award

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The Face – 3D Laser Engraving in Action

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