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Browse our information centre and let us help you choose the perfect trophy, award or gift. Each of our information centre resources are aimed at providing you with all the knowledge you need to choose or create the best award or gift for your occasion. Check out our “award-winning” resources for yourself and get one step closure to your spectacular bespoke crystal trophy, award or gift!

Glass 3D Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the method of using a laser beam to engrave an object. And here at Laser Crystal, we use laser engraving to create beautiful and stunning laser engraved crystal trophies, awards, paperweights, and gifts.

Digital Colour Printing

Digital colour printing is a technique of printing a digital image directly onto a variety of media, including crystal and glass. Here at Laser Crystal, by using specialist printing machines to apply colour to the surface of a crystal, giving it a unique and eye-catching look.

Golf Trophies & Awards

No matter whether you’re hosting a pro-golf tournament or a corporate golf day, you need golf trophies and awards to represent your golf event.

Employee Awards

Recognise your top employees with Employee Awards. Let us help you choose the best Employee Awards for you and your business.

Corporate Award

Let us help you find the perfect award for celebrating your business and substantial business deals with our corporate award resources.

Our Crystal

We created our ‘Shine a Light Range’ – a collection of blogs each shining a light on our beautiful and exquisite crystal shapes.

Glass Trophies

Laser Crystal is the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D laser engraved glass trophies and awards for a range of events. 

Glass Awards

Here at Laser Crystal, we offer a wide range of glass awards that can be personalised and 3D engraved to your specific requirements.

Crystal Awards

As the leading supplier of bespoke awards and trophies, we provide only optically pure crystal that has weight, brightness and clarity. 

Bespoke Trophies

We can personalise and 3D engrave each glass award with your logo, text and winner’s name to create a truly bespoke trophy.

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