Equestrian Trophies & Awards

Equestrian Trophies & Awards

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  • The UK’s leading manufacturer – Established in 2000
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  • Bespoke 3D engraved sports awards – you choose the shape!
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Each crystal is supplied in a satin lined presentation gift box.

We’d love to help with your crystal creations. Take a look for yourself at the amazing quality and detail of our stunning 3D engraved crystal – simply complete the form below to get your free sample.


Equestrian Trophies & Awards

At Laser Crystal we create stunning high-quality equestrian trophies and awards. Each individual trophy is made to your bespoke 3D design so is completely unique to your event.

We have a wide selection of crystal award shapes and sizes that are perfect for every equestrian or horse event. We just love creating unique sports trophies with a difference – it’s our mission to deliver horse trophies and awards that are exceptional and you will be proud to present.

Our creative team enjoy the challenge of delivering stunning custom designed equestrian trophies and awards engraved in intricate 3D detail – so whether it’s a race horse and jockey, show jumper, polo player on a horse or dressage horse we can create absolutely anything!

Personalised Awards

Each equestrian trophy or horse award can be personalised so whether that’s adding event or sponsor logos, categories or winner names.

Most trophy shapes come in various size options making them ideal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed awards.

Stunning is Our Standard

As the UK’s #1 manufacturer of 3D engraved sports awards and trophies we are quite simply the best at what we do. With 19 years of expertise we are amongst the world leaders in the 3D engraving technology field creating trophies that are exceptional. We are miles ahead in terms of quality to any competitors.

Our expert design team enjoy having fun creating your equestrian trophies and awards often combining different award decoration techniques with fabulous results. So, whether it’s adding some vibrant colour, creating amazing 3d crystal art, adding texture or frosting techniques our design team can help.

Our stunning crystals are perfect for every horse event from show jumping, polo, horse racing to dressage – our Equestrian trophies and awards recognise the highest levels of achievement.

Quality to Reflect Achievements

At every level of sport from amateur to professional everybody dreams of holding that that special winning trophy. That’s why your choice of trophy is so important it has to deliver the right message – your brand and event is often judges upon it.

When it comes to recognising outstanding achievements and celebrating sporting success there is nothing quite like crystal glass trophies which are in a league of their own reflecting style and high quality.
Every trophy is created from the finest quality optical crystal with hand cut facets or bevelled edges. Each Equestrian trophy award is supplied in a premium quality satin lined presentation gift box.

We’d love to help

Take a look at our inspiration gallery for ideas on how to make your Sports Award or Horse Trophies the award to win!

Contact our crystal team  to help you create something truly unique.



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