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Are you looking for corporate promotional products and gifts for your business or upcoming event? Here at Laser Crystal, we offer a wide range of personalised business gifts such as promotional glass paperweights, keyrings, and pen pots that can be branded with your choice of wording, logo and design.


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Personalised Promotional Products and Gifts

A great way to get your brand and message in front of your key clients, prospects and employees is using promotional gifts. Here at Laser Crystal, we supply a wide range of high-quality customised crystal products that can be personalised to reflect your brand.

Every stunning crystal product can be 3D engraved with your unique design, promotional message, or logo. Our stunning promotional products have a high perceived value being made from quality crystal but are surprisingly affordable. Whether it’s a keyring, paperweight, pen pot or a memo clip we have a range of promotional products to suit all budgets and events.

Crystal Promotional Products

If you are looking for premium corporate promotional products that can be personalised with your clients’ details, you will find what you need at Laser Crystal. We can add individual names and branding to our crystal promotional products and create truly bespoke promotional mementos.

We recently had a client that was a haulage company and we explored with them how to get the very best results from their corporate promotional products. Our creative team set about designing a gift that could feature an HGV lorry. The result was a real winner as we combined the client’s logo, final design, and the name of the recipient.

Corporate promotional gifts are a great opportunity to be creative with your design. Whether that’s combining different glass decoration techniques such as 3D engraving or colour printing, you have a real opportunity to create something fabulous.

How To Use Promotional Products

Branded promotional products can be used for various events to help boost your company’s brand or reach out to suppliers and potential customers. We have compiled a list of occasions when offering high-quality personalised promotional products will make your company stand out from the crowd.

  • Client gifts
  • Conferences
  • Trade Show Giveaways
  • Sales Incentive
  • New Product Launches
  • Building Openings
  • Football Supporter Packs
  • Souvenirs & Memorabilia
  • Company Mementos
  • Theatre Opening Nights
  • VIP Hospitality Events

Benefits Of Using Bespoke Promotional Gifts

Promotional products make the perfect addition to your marketing mix and help to:

  • Increases brand awareness – every time your customer uses the gift they are reminded of your brand.
  • Increases brand retention – acts as a physical reminder making your brand easier to remember and identify.
  • Encourages customer loyalty – as customers tend to be more loyal to a brand that offers free gifts.
  • Offers a long shelf life – your brand can remain in front of your target audience long after other marketing materials have been and gone.
  • Increases leads and sales – as a personalised gift encourages and attracts new customers.
  • Makes an impression at events and trade fairs – creative uses of promotional products leave a positive and lasting impression

Bespoke Promotional Products & Gifts at Laser Crystal

Here at Laser Crystal, we offer a fantastic range of high-quality crystal promotional products great for gifting. Our range includes promotional paperweights, keyrings, pen pots, memo clips and business cardholders.

To find out more about our promotional products or to get a quote call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01202 675000 or email us at

Promotional Products & Gifts

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