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Nothing says success and achievements quite like crystal star trophies and awards. These ever-popular trophies and awards are perfect for any event, from staff recognition awards or sporting trophies to sales incentives.

Choose from our extensive range of star-shaped and themed crystal trophies and awards or we can create your unique star design in any of our crystal pieces.  Each crystal star award or trophy can be 3D engraved or colour printed with your design to create a truly unique trophy.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D awards and trophies, we offer British design & manufacture at its very best for your star trophy awards.

Contact our creative team on 01202 675 000 for your free star awards quote and design visuals today.

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Take a look at some of our previous award and gift creations. Bringing your ideas to life in 3D is our passion, we will work with you to create something unique.

Bespoke Star Trophies and Awards

When it comes to rewarding the outstanding star performers and top achievers in your company, crystal star awards and trophies are in a league of their own. The star is the recognised symbol of achievement and success recognised the world over. This makes our crystal star trophies and awards the perfect accolades for excellence.

Here at Laser Crystal, we offer a great range of star-themed and shaped trophies that will fit any budget and occasion. There is no finer award to present to the star performer at your organisation than a bespoke award.

Glass Star Trophies for Your Events

Whether it’s a sales award, corporate award, employee recognition award or even a staff incentive award, celebrate excellence with our dazzling 3D engraved crystal star-shaped trophies. Our glass star trophies and awards are ideal for a range of events and ceremonies, including:

  • Event Industry Awards
  • Service Star Awards
  • Marketing Star Awards
  • Employee Recognition Awards
  • Innovation Awards
  • Sports Star Awards

Our stylish star awards are also the ideal gift for celebrations and achievements. Celebrate with a sparkling star award!

Custom Glass Star Awards

When it comes to star awards, you can choose one of our star themed or star-shaped awards from our star awards range. Alternatively, you can choose any crystal shape from our complete range which can then have a 3D star design engraved for that extra special star quality. On top of your star-based design, we can also add further personalisation, whether it’s a logo, product, or a name – we’ll make sure your bespoke star crystal awards are perfect.

Furthermore, we are also able to offer personalisation in the form of full-colour printing which adds a whole new dimension to your bespoke 3D engraved star awards.

Our in-house creative team will work with you to combine your ideas with our design experience to create the perfect bespoke star award for your upcoming event. Your ideas will really come alive with our 3D engraving and colour printing services!

High-Quality Star Trophy Awards

Our contemporary star award designs are unique and breath-taking. Our optically pure crystal glass refracts the light, creating bursts of light that sparkle with success. A crystal star award or trophy will look simply stunning in a trophy cabinet or sitting pride of place on a desk.

And because quality doesn’t stop at the award or trophy, every Laser Crystal star award is supplied in a high-quality satin lined presentation gift box.

Gold Star Trophies & Awards

Included in our extensive range of star awards is our popular Gold Star Award. Perfect for awarding to hardworking students or top team players at a local club, our Gold Star Award is sure to be treasured by the recipient.

Our Gold Star Award is made from hand-cut bevelled edges and features a gold star that is printed on the back of the crystal; however, this design can be customised to your exact requirements.

Shooting Star Award

Here at Laser Crystal, we offer two star awards which are perfect for awarding a shooting star. Both our, Star Shine Award and our Starburst Award offer a shooting star appearance, perfect for presenting to your ‘shooting star’.

Shining Star Award

If you’re looking to award a shining star, then we have the perfect trophies for the job. Both our Star Shine Award and our Starlight Award are the perfect trophies for star awards.

Glass Star Awards at Laser Crystal

If you’re looking for a star trophy award to recognise a star individual, then look no further than Laser Crystal. Our extensive range of star trophies and awards, paired with our outstanding 3D laser engraving makes us the number one choice for your upcoming awards. To find out more about our star awards or to get a free quote, call us on 01202 675000 or email us at

Star Awards

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