Long Service Awards

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A long service award is a great way to acknowledge and thank an employees’ hard work and dedication to the company. And what better way to thank them for their service than with an elegant 3D engraved crystal award.

What is a Long Service Award?

A long service award is an award to recognise and thank an employee for their service to the company for a set duration of time, whether that be 5 years, 10 years or maybe even 20 years.

Traditionally, a long service award was presented every 5, 10 25 and 40 years of employment. However, as the job market is now a much more fluid environment, long service awards are often celebrated as early as 1 year of service.

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Why Celebrate Long Service with Long Service Awards?

Long Service Awards offer many benefits for the employer, as well as the employee. Firstly, by presenting your loyal employee with a Long Service Award you’ll be showing just how much you appreciate their commitment to the company.

Additionally, a point many employers tend to overlook is how Long Service Awards reduce employee turnover. Many employees can be tempted to stay with a company if the benefits package is favourable. Therefore, by ensuring you offer a comprehensive employee benefits package, including a loyalty scheme can help reduce employee turnover, as well as reduce employment costs.

Another great benefit to long service awards is they increase employee engagement. Many business owners attribute their business success to their employees, and therefore, the happier your employees, the more successful your business. Thus, by implementing a structured employee reward scheme, to include Long Service Awards, employees feel valued, as well as motivated to contribute to the overall success of the business.

Finally, Long Service Awards are great for company public relations. Awarding your staff for their service is a great way to drum up some positive press around your business, especially if you honour longevity with a particularly generous gift. Additionally, as the word spreads about the great rewards offered for working at your company it can help to attract fresh talent. It may also be an aspect that potential new clients pick up on, as it shows the business has a great company culture.

Long Service Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating an employee’s long service, gifting them with something special shows your appreciation for their commitment to the company, as well as commemorating the occasion. And what better way than with a completely bespoke personalised crystal award. Here at Laser Crystal, our optically pure crystal awards are perfect for long service award gifts. Whether your employee is celebrating 1, 5, 10 or maybe even 25 years of service with the company, a commemorative crystal award is a wonderful way to honour the occasion.

Long Service Awards at Laser Crystal

If you’re looking to create a bespoke Long Service Award for one of your long-standing employees, then get in touch with Laser Crystal today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can talk you through what’s possible with our 3D laser engraving and colour printing technology, and help you create a truly stunning and showstopping crystal award.

Contact Laser Crystal today on 01202 675000 or email sales@lasrecrystal.co.uk.

Long Service Awards

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