Why Selecting a Quality Glass Trophy Really Matters

Are you in charge of organising the trophies for your employee recognition programme or industry award ceremony? What are the factors that you look for when choosing the right award for your event and where does quality fit in?

The trophies you select will represent your organisation and reflect the value your company places on its employees, suppliers and client relationships. This is why when presenting people with glass trophies for outstanding achievements in their field, the quality of the award matters a lot.

In today’s corporate world the choices on offer of glass trophies and awards can seem overwhelming. We understand that it’s a big responsibility to choose the right trophies for your event that not only reflect your brand but also fit your budget and deadline. This is why, it pays to work with the experts in the industry, Laser Crystal. We design and manufacture high-quality glass trophies and awards that celebrate outstanding achievements and are competitively priced.

Engraved Glass Trophies Why Selecting a Quality Glass Trophy Really Matters

Glass is always a real winner when it comes to bespoke trophies and awards. An engraved glass trophy has a real quality feel to it and it looks absolutely fantastic on its own or with added vibrant colour print. The optically pure crystal trophies are a real statement of quality and success, they reflect the light beautifully and are ideal for high-quality corporate gifts.

The weight and sparkling clarity of our engraved glass trophies are what makes them stand out from the competition and other solutions, such as acrylic.  Our premium glass awards and trophies can be 3D laser engraved and personalised to your requirements. We can add your custom design, company name and logo and preferred message to create truly bespoke awards and trophies for your events. Alongside your design, we can add individual winner names and categories. We can also add vibrant colour-print that will enhance the engraving even further and add a “wow” factor to your awards.

At Laser Crystal, we have taken engraved trophies to the next level by combining 3D laser etching of your custom design with full-colour print. We can create absolutely anything in fabulous 3D detail from a product, vehicle to a building. Our talented design team love creating innovative award solutions in 3D to deliver some stunning results that you’ll be proud to present.

We manufacture glass trophies that are designed to match your success from employee achievements, sports tournaments, high profile corporate events to key suppliers’ award ceremonies. We deliver results when it most matters to you and your clients.   

Why Selecting a Quality Glass Trophy Really MattersBoxing Clever with your Glass Trophies

We all love to receive something which has been beautifully packaged – it all adds to the excitement and anticipation of your trophies. At Laser Crystal, we never underestimate the value of that first impression so we use high-quality satin lined presentation boxes for all our glass trophies and corporate gifts. We can also personalise each gift box with your logo or add branding to the wraparound sleeve.

Custom trophies

A great way to ensure that your company is seen as innovative and a true market leader is to create custom trophies. These bespoke trophies are designed for your specific industry event or corporate recognition programme.

Just one call to us and our studio team will create free design ideas for you to take a look at. Trophies are our passion and we love pushing the boundaries of technology to create custom trophies that will dazzle and amaze your recipients. Call 01202 675 000 and speak to our experts today.



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