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Student Awards

crystal glass trophies, student awards, education awards, academic excellence, student achievement awards, glass awards, The beauty of our crystal glass trophies, awards and paperweights is that they reflect outstanding achievements making them perfect rewards for academic successes, events, award ceremonies as well as making great memento gifts for university or school celebrations.

Our talented in-house design team love bringing ideas to life in amazing 3D detail and we’re lucky to work on such an amazing variety of projects, from recognition awards, business and Student awards, to Corporate promotional gifts. Our high quality crystal products are also a great way to celebrate school anniversaries or graduations.

We can create pretty much anything in 3D – the only limit is your imagination!! From academic buildings, vehicles, school crests, mascots, halls of residence to molecules and even skeletons, the possibilities are endless.

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Our Client’s Story

At Laser Crystal we work with schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK who trust us to deliver exceptional glass trophies and awards when it really matters.

A recent project saw our expert design team create a range of crystal glass trophies for the annual student awards at the Buckinghamshire College Group. This prestigious and highly competitive event brings together all three campuses each summer to celebrate student achievements.

Tutors nominate students from each curriculum area and one is chosen as the Student of the Year for that particular area. There is a further prize for Overall Student of the Year at each campus plus a number of special awards which recognise team work, community involvement and the contributions made by employers in supporting and nurturing other students.

The College see these awards as a wonderful opportunity for students to receive deserved recognition for their efforts at these celebratory events.

The wider benefits of reward schemes

crystal glass trophies, student awards, education awards, academic excellence, student achievement awards, glass awards, There’s nothing like the buzz and excitement created by students all desperate to take their staring moment to collect an award. There really is no better way to reward students for working hard and to highlight their academic achievements.

Not only does it show hard work pays off, but what about the wider effects of having a rewards system in place? Does it make students work harder to try to obtain one of the student awards? psychological benefits to the students who win – surely it’s a real boost.

“Rewards and incentives can be a powerful tool with students
if they are used the right way. Recognising students for effort, hard work,
and completing their responsibilities in a meaningful way helps
retain students in their work study
or student leadership positions.”


We believe that this applies to our whole learning and career path – from primary school, right through to college, university and the workplace – who doesn’t like recognition?
Reward schemes are definitely a win, win and if your university, college or school is thinking about creating some awards we’d love to help.

Thanks to Buckinghamshire College Group for providing the images.

Find out more about our school awards

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