Staff Awards For Your Christmas Party

Staff Awards For Your Christmas PartyAre you getting ready for your Christmas Party? If so, you must have thought about an awards ceremony to commemorate your employees’ success and hard work throughout the past year. From rewarding your top performing staff members and rising stars, there are numerous personalised awards you can present at the end of the year and make people feel appreciated and valued. We will look into some corporate awards and we have also composed a list of funny employee award ideas that will cheer your team up at your Christmas Party.

Staff Recognition Award Ideas

Feeling recognised and appreciated at the workplace is important for any employee. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies are looking to reward employees in various ways. Having personalised awards for achievements, work anniversaries and apprentices is a fantastic way of recognising success and hard work. You can personalise each crystal award with your employees’ names and their achievements. Whether you are celebrating company anniversary awards or recognising your customer service team, our optically pure crystal awards can be customised with a design of your choice.

High-Achiever Employee Awards

Rewarding your high-achievers and top employees will encourage them to perform even better. Appreciation goes a long way, especially when people dedicate their time to their work and strive to do achieve more each day. Celebrate and reward the ones that go above and beyond for your company and create a culture hard work is not only encouraged, but recognised.

Old Timer Award

How about rewarding your longest serving employees with a personalised award? Appreciation goes a long way and recognising work anniversaries should be part of your company culture. You can organise an end-of-year ceremony where you present the awards to each employee and use the evening as a team-bonding experience. Having a ceremony could be a terrific way to network and attract top talent to your company.

Funny Employee Award Ideas

Alongside the recognition awards or completely separately, you can present humorous and entertaining employee awards that will cheer everybody up. Here are some examples of funny staff awards for your end-of-year party.

  • “You Rock” Award – Goes to the person who has shown exemplary support and teamwork.
  • “All for One, One for all” Award – Goes to the one employee that supports everyone else in the company and never fails to encourage the team.
  • “Bright Beginning” Award – Goes to the rising star of the company. You can present this award to an apprentice or a new starter.
  • “Team Player” Award – Goes to the employee that works well in a team and brings people together.
  • “Mission Impossible” Award – Goes to the one person that goes above and beyond to achieve the impossible.
  • “Busy Bee” Award – Goes to the person that barely has time to even accept this award.
  • “Human Wikipedia” Award – Goes to the employee that knows everything, about everything.
  • “The Early Bird” Award – Goes to the person that always gets in before everybody else at work.
  • “The Office Parent” Award – Goes to the person that always remembers people’s birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • “The Always Late” Award – There is always the one person that is late for every meeting.

Laser Etched Gifts

If you are looking for something more personal and would like to laser etch a message on one of our crystals, we’ve got you covered. We can personalise each crystal to your exact requirements and etch your bespoke design. This is a fantastic present for your customers and suppliers and the bespoke design of the crystal will make you stand out from the crowd.

Rewarding you staff with trophies from Laser Crystal

We offer a wide range of optically pure crystal awards and trophies that can be personalised with 3D engraving and colour print to create bespoke pieces for your events. Contact our team on 01202 675 000 or email us at for more information and your free design visuals.

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