Engraved Paperweights For Business: A History

Where did paperweights come from?

Historically, a paperweight’s function was to prevent paperwork from blowing away, however in more recent times paperweights are sought after for a very different reason. Engraved paperweights for business, crafted from fine crystal glass are now widely produced, collected by many and appreciated as exquisite works of art – they are even exhibited in museums as examples of fine glass art. These paperweights first began to be produced, especially in France, in about 1845. Their popularity started to diminish though, and the rise in popularity began to rise again in the middle of the twentieth century.

Paperweights in business

Recently, crystal and glass paperweights have become a sought-after top selling promotional item. They are seen as a practical high value corporate gift. Giving promotional gifts to current and potential customers can help with branding, improves their opinion of a company, can help to remind them of your products or services and will make them more likely to buy from you.

Promotional gifts are less expensive than other forms of advertising, and paperweights are very effective gifts.

Laser Crystal engraved glass paperweights

Laser Crystal has a fantastic selection of glass paperweights, which can all be branded with your company logo and message. These 3D engraved glass paperweights allow your personal design to be displayed in 3D engraving inside the crystal block itself, making a completely stunning corporate gift.

Why give a promotional paperweight?

Is your company searching for a product that offers real value to your business while sitting on your customers’ and clients’ desks? Laser Crystal’ engraved paperweights are a perfect solution for marking a special occasion in the workplace, or a business achievement to shout about.

Laser Crystal’s in-house design team is ready to engrave your paperweights with your choice of company details and messages. Here are two examples of how 3D laser engraved paperweights can be used within businesses:

Commemorating partnerships

The Facet Square Paperweight is a beautiful shape which, when catches the light, shines and looks stunning. These have been popular with companies who have been proud to announce business partnerships – 50 years of a partnership deserves to be told to current and prospective clients. Tell them with a 3D laser engraved glass paperweight!

Celebrating a successful year

It’s also very important to reward your staff for working hard for your company and keeping it successful for years to come. A 3D engraved Starlight Paperweight is very popular with clients wishing to reward their star performers going beyond the call of duty!

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Some more ideas for 3D engraved glass paperweights:

Corporate gifts for visiting clients – a reminder of their trip
• A unique business invitation – get your event noticed!
• A product launch – see your product in 3D engraving
• A company anniversary gift
• A promotional gift at exhibitions – stand out from the crowd
Employee recognition awards – the perfect way to say thank you

Order Laser Crystal engraved paperweights

The team at Laser Crystal is ready to discuss your ideas and requirements, and how much you would like to budget for. They can also offer free samples of their 3D Laser Crystal engraved gifts – to take back to your team and discuss all that you require from your perfect crystal paperweight.

Call Laser Crystal today on 01202 675000 or email sales@lasercrystal.co.uk.

Bespoke Glass Awards and Trophies

We specialise in corporate awards and gifts that are 3D laser engraved and personalised with your bespoke design, wording, and logo.

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