Crystal Office Accessories for every Desk

Office supplies and accessories are extremely essential for all companies because, according to many employees, they enhance their work life and productivity. There are many kinds of office accessories that every company needs – ranging from stationery items to digital and electronic gadgets, such as scanners, computers, and printers – we have crystal office accessories, making an ideal gift any working professionals, but great for CEOs, CTOs, Directors, Finance Directors, and Managing Directors.

These are essential for everyday office life. Some office accessories aren’t essential for work reasons, but definitely enhance the life of the employee. According to recent research, the average office worker spends about 99,200 hours at work during his or her lifetime – which is the equivalent of nearly twelve years of solid desk time! The office is, for many, their second home. So why not make this second home cosy, comfortable, inspiring and fun?

Here are some examples to make your office brighter.

Stress ball

Stress balls have been used for a long time by people as the quickest and easiest way to relieve tension. When we put ourselves under a lot of strain, our bodies have a habit of tensing up. Releasing that strain through squeezing benefits you in the long run. Whoever thought that a squidgy ball could have that effect?

Newton’s Cradle

These were very popular in the 1980s, and, although the metal balls swinging from left to right in a row may seem at first an annoying desk toy – the action of the swinging gives a calming aura – and can be quite therapeutic indeed. Just watching it can help you to de-stress. It can also distract you from any building stress in the workplace.

Desktop punching bag

How many times have clients, colleagues or even friends and family annoyed you and ruined your work day? Or maybe just having a bad day in the office gives you pent up anger? This is the perfect desk accessory to combat anger and frustration. Imagine the punch bag is a particularly difficult client – give it a whack! It’ll make you feel immediately de-stressed.

Comfy seating area

We now spend an enormous amount of time sitting in an upright chair looking at a computer. It’s sometimes nice to collapse into a comfy sofa with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Clients may also prefer this slightly more casual idea to sit for a meeting. It’ll definitely make the office look brighter!

Motivational posters

These don’t have to be tacky OR funny. Just words of wisdom to remind you why you enjoy your job and to tell you that YES you ARE doing a good job will immediately make employees, at whatever level, feel appreciated. It’ll put a smile on visitors’ faces too.

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Engraved paperweights from Laser Crystal

A laser engraved paperweight is the perfect accessory for an office desk – not only is it extremely useful for keeping paperwork tidy, but the engraved paperweights can be laser engraved with any message, logo, picture or name of an employee inside. Make members of staff feel special with a glass paperweight laser engraved with their job role. Better than a normal desk sign and looks very impressive to visitors!

Discover Laser Crystal’s large selection of engraved paperweights here

Decided on laser engraved paperweights for your business? Contact Laser Crystal with your requirements and receive a quote on 01202 675000 or email

Bespoke Glass Awards and Trophies

We specialise in corporate awards and gifts that are 3D laser engraved and personalised with your bespoke design, wording, and logo.

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