Financial Tombstones for EEH Ventures

Laser Crystal were approached by EEH Ventures to design some bespoke financial tombstones to commemorate their acquisitions and celebrate their company’s success. An important part of their initial brief was to create deal awards that focused on quality whilst reflecting their business aspirations.

We loved working closely with the EEH Ventures team to design tombstones that showcase their fabulous successes. Our expert design team created some concept ideas in 3D so the client could see exactly how their final tombstone would look.  The client chose the simplicity of the Venice crystal award and the end results were breath-taking.

Financial Tombstones for EEH VenturesThe deal tombstones that we created boast a beautiful and colourful design that is sure to impress the recipients of these real estate accolades.  They feature the company’s logo and celebrate different acquisitions and refurbishments of properties. These bespoke deal tombstones represent the hard work carried out by the expert team at EEH Ventures and their strive towards excellence.

The crystal plaque chosen for this design was the Small Venice that measures 140 x 100 x 40mm in size. The Venice Crystal Award is a modern contemporary rectangle shape with subtle bevelled edges that reflects the light beautifully and it’s ideal for corporate awards.

The financial tombstones are colour-printed in fine detail to create stunning plaques that people can display proudly in their office. The crystal used for the EEH Ventures branded tombstones is high quality, optically pure crystal. Its clarity and weight add to the premium look and feel of the trophies and reflect the value that EEH Ventures put on its team of experts.

About EEH Ventures

Founded in 2013, EEH Ventures is a renowned business that deals with investments and developments. The company invests its own funds in real estate development projects in the United Kingdom and applies its vast experience and professional knowledge in the monitoring and management of each project. EEH ventures focus on small-medium properties that have great potential and acquisition of between £20 million to £100 million. When it comes to investments, the real estate expert specialises in the Residential, Hotels, Office, HMO, and the Commercial sector. You can find more information about EEH ventures and see some of their projects on their website.

Deal Tombstones by Laser Crystal

When people have spent, days, weeks and countless sleepless nights to ensure that a deal goes through, it is incredibly rewarding to present them with a gift that celebrates their efforts and acknowledges their achievements.

This is why, here at Laser Crystal, we love creating achievement awards and financial tombstones and share in our clients’ celebrations and successes. We believe that quality and creativity matter when awarding people trophies for their outstanding performance. With our 3D laser and colour-print capabilities, and vast experience, both in design and manufacture, nothing is out of reach.


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