Customised Trophies – the hottest design trends for 2020

In this article, we will explore the hottest customised trophies design trends are for 2020. Here at Laser Crystal, we believe it’s going to be all about getting creative with awesome design techniques.

Nothing says quality and prestige awards quite like having a bespoke trophy designed for your unique event or recognition awards ceremony. Increasingly, we are all focused on customer experiences and the expectations of corporate awards have never been so high.

As part of the marketing mix, your award trophies must work for your business. Your trophies need to sparkle with success to ensure your clients and employees feel valued with every trophy you present. Success and achievement must be rewarded with high-quality awards that represent both the company’s values and the importance you put on your employees.

So what’s hot for 2020?

Here, we take a look at some of the design techniques that will make your customised trophies look fabulous.
At Laser Crystal, we are the experts in combining different design techniques to deliver amazing bespoke awards.

3D depth and realism

glass corporate awards3D laser engraving is a brilliant way to make your trophies standout. Thanks to amazing modern technology and software capabilities we can create incredibly detailed 3D designs in crystal.

The intricate detailing possible makes this a great way to customise your trophies. Featuring anything from a product, building to logos and text, 3D laser engraving is always a winner.

Going monochrome

Bespoke Employee Recognition Awards
A great effect that works really well on colour pictures or designs. But don’t forget you can also use monochrome to feature bold colours or dual-tone colour filters to give a stylish look.

Here we have used a colour print on the reverse of the trophy and an opaque finish to the front face.

Typography crazy

This is a super way to creatGlass Trophy Gets A Staring TV Rolee more innovative and modern trophy designs with so many fonts available. Take this to the next level by introducing drawing shapes such as twirls, circles or curves two elements of the design. The shapes can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional engraving.

A current design trend is introducing semi-transparency. This can be done by overlapping words, varying the levels of transparency in words, photos and logos. This works really well on trophies designs.

Line Art

Limelight Portrait Award
A popular trend during 2019 in graphic design which is now evolving into fully illustrated line art patterns and designs. Here the client has chosen to have a diamond design shown as line art which gives the award a contemporary look.

By its schematic nature line, art is a great way of conveying concepts and ideas in a simple and elegant way.

Retro designs

Star Wars Crystal Award
2020 is set to experience a blast from the past with retro vintage design style being at the forefront.

These often bold colours and designs work really well for trophies. Unquestionably Star Wars is always a winner!



Patterns and textures

Event Industry Awards

Increasingly we are seeing a rise in the use of patterns and texture on trophies.

We can create some fabulous results using the very latest UV printing technology to create unique textured designs. Or why not combine a 3D laser-engraved pattern or background design?

Shiny metallic finishes

Colour Print Crystal Disc Paperweight

Using metallic finishes is a great and very trendy way of adding branding identity to your trophy design. It’s only as a result of recent advances in UV print technology that we can now offer this print technique.

The most popular finish is a gold metallic look as nothing conveys a  winning, quality and success better!

Geometric designs

Bespoke Awards

Our creative team are often aiming for simplicity in the trophy design for a contemporary feel. The use of geometric shapes can create some stunning results. So whether that’s as outlines or by adding colour into the design which can really bring geometric shapes to life.



Customised Trophies That Break The Rules

In our experience, the awards that people remember best are those that combine creative design, craftsmanship and quality materials. Technology has advanced quickly in the last few years to offer some exciting new trophy design techniques. Don’t be afraid to be brave or have some fun with your design for truly exceptional and unique trophies.

If you want your customised awards to stand out from the crowd it’s important to take the time to get the design right. Our in-house design team will work with you to create awards to meet your brief. Our super 3D design visuals show you how your finished trophies will look from all angles.

Planning is key to a any successful event. Ideally, we advise that you allow 8-12 weeks from design concept to delivery of your trophies.

Don’t forget you can personalise your presentation gift box and wraparound sleeve with a logo or message.

The Bottom Line is Creativity

Our expert design team can take your vision to create customised trophies that deliver results.
As one of the UK’s leading award manufacturers, it’s important to us that every award that we create simply sparkles with success. Each trophy we create will bring together your branding, corporate identity and event colours so your awards pack a punch. Let your customised trophies tell the story of your brand or event.

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