Awards for Apprenticeships Programmes

Awards for Apprenticeships Programmes You may have heard about apprenticeship programmes or you might be running one yourself. As of lately, the UK government and companies have gone a long way to ensure that there are many different quality apprenticeships for students across the country. From business, accounting and marketing, to engineering, healthcare, IT, and law apprenticeships, there is a wide range of specific roles students can apply for to improve their chances of employment in the future.

Apprenticeship schemes are a terrific way to bring together companies and young talent and help students find jobs after graduation. There are different entry requirements, pay rates and working hours for different apprenticeships but we believe that there is one thing that can remain a constant across all sectors and that is, award programmes for apprentices.

How apprenticeships work

Apprenticeships allow students to combine study with real-life working experience in a field of their choice. 2017 saw the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, which helps UK employers fund new apprenticeships. The government’s purpose is to invest in human capital and is committed to increasing the quantity and quality of apprenticeships available, which is fantastic for every sector as skilled workforce is essential for businesses.

Students are employed to do a job, whilst attending their classes once a week. Apprentices follow an approved study programme, which means they will gain a nationally-recognised qualification. The four qualifications students can obtain are:

  • Functional Skills
  • National Vocational Qualifications
  • Technical Certificates
  • Academic Qualifications

What better way to end an apprenticeship programme at your company, but with an award ceremony that acknowledges the student’s commitment? Personalised awards and trophies that have been engraved with individual names, categories and your company’s branding are timeless pieces that will bring pride and joy to the recipients. Apprenticeship awards are nothing new. For example, the Scottish Apprenticeship Awards is now in its 18th year and celebrates individuals who champion apprenticeships in different sectors. They have eight categories all recognising commitment, and exceptional achievements. You can, of course, arrange internal awards as part of your employee recognition scheme and set out to organise an evening to remember.

Personalised Awards for Apprentices Awards for Apprenticeships Programmes

We have produced various student and young person development awards throughout the years and have seen how rewarding it is to present rising stars with trophies that acknowledge their success. Personalised awards can go a long way in nurturing a company culture, where hard work is publicly recognised and celebrated.

The Social Impact of Apprenticeship Awards

Personalised awards can also have a social impact on your company. Presenting your apprentices with bespoke awards will set you apart from your competitors, attract top talent and help your brand awareness as people love sharing their successes.

Attracting and retaining top talent nowadays is vital for companies and candidates will judge your organisation by how you treat your existing employees and whether there is a culture that promotes success and acknowledges hard work and achievements. Don’t shy away from putting your employees and apprentices in the limelight and recognise their contributions with a personalised glass award from Laser Crystal.

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