• Engraved Paperweights for Business

    London has been named the most talented city in the world, with many surveys showing that there are more skilled workers in our capital than any other global rival.
    London surged ahead of its rivals with over a 15 per cent rise in high skilled workers in the past five years. The capital is now ‘in a league of its own’ as reported by authors at Deloitte. We should celebrate our greatness!


    Celebrating our skilled workers

    A personalised 3D engraved crystal paperweight makes the perfect corporate gift, and can be used as a gift for a variety of occasions. These could be as an employee recognition idea, something to celebrate customer relationships or even amazing event invitations. 
    Laser Crystal is the UK’s only specialist 3D laser engraver dedicated to meeting the needs and deadlines of the corporate gift market. Established in 1999, Laser Crystal has fast become the UK’s leading manufacturer of 3D laser engraved paperweights, crystal awards and promotional gifts.


    What can be displayed in engraved paperweights? 

    Paperweights are extremely versatile; any design can be engraved into the glass making them the perfect employee gift, business commemoration or personalised award for corporate awards ceremonies. The intricate 3D laser engraving process can incorporate anything from logos, brand names and even 3D images of your office building. Discover some wonderful corporate 3D engraved crystal paperweight ideas…
    Steeple Paperweight


    Engraved paperweights for business: a history

    Glass paperweights are widely produced round the world, and are collected by many who appreciate them as works of art. They are seen as a thing of beauty, and have recently become sought after as an extremely popular promotional item. Engraved glass paperweights are used in business as client gifts, and can help with branding and employee recognition.

    Accessories no office is complete without

    Modern day office life is very different these days. Long days spent at work is very normal and many hours can seem like your desk is becoming your second home! Many businesses are striving to make the workplace more comfortable for their staff, to ensure that their days spent at work are more enjoyable. A laser engraved paperweight is the perfect accessory for any desk – to give that extra touch of class…

    Creating a Zen workplace

    Modern work life can be very stressful, and there are many ways that employees have invested in to ease the pressure of daily working life. The good news is that making a Zen-like office environment doesn’t mean spending oodles of money and is easier than you think! All it takes is some good ideas, organisation and creativity. Inspire creativity with Laser Crystal’s large selection of glass paperweights on every desk – think Zen!
    ice clear paperweight
    Inspire greatness in your office – discover Laser Crystal’s huge range of corporate laser engraved paperweights! Call 01202 675000 or email sales@lasercrystal.co.uk to obtain a quote.

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Terms and Conditions

You must be a member of one of the organisations on the list, issued by the office of civil society in order to purchase one of the crystal mementos.

All online purchases will be shipped within 14 days of your order.

If for any reason we are unable to meet this delivery date, you will be offered a full refund, or an expected delivery date.

All items will be delivered by UK mail, who will require a signature on delivery.


Who can purchase this award?

This award is only available to volunteers or members of organisations that have the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, from 2003 to date – no other purchases will be accepted.  You will be asked to confirm your organisation when making payment.

What is a group order?

A group order is where we deliver 10 or more awards to one address.

Is it cheaper to buy our awards as a group?

Yes – we offer a discount on each award when 10+ items are bought at the same time and also you will make considerable savings on delivery costs. However, all awards need to be paid for together and will be delivered to one address so somebody at the organisation will need to co-ordinate this on behalf of all everyone.

My group order is for over 100 awards - how do I order?

Please contact us directly so we can calculate the best way to get these delivered to you at the best price and also discuss payment options. Please call us on 01202 675000 or email sales@lasercrystal.co.uk and we will be happy to help.

How long will it take for my award to be delivered?

We aim to deliver all awards within 10 days of order but depending upon demand this may on occasion take slightly longer but we guarantee all deliveries within 28 days.

How will my awards be delivered?

All awards will be sent by Royal Mail or by courier so will require a signature on delivery.